About AAI

The Africa-America Institute (AAI) is a premier U.S.-based international education and policy organization that works to advance higher education and professional development training for Africans, and promote engagement between Africa and America through education, training and dialogue.

For 60 years, AAI has been unlocking the potential of African talent to strengthen human capacity in Africa, to further development progress and bolster the continent’s global competitiveness and economic growth.

Why is AAI Relevant? We create opportunities for empowerment, education and employment for the next generation of African leaders.

Today, African youth between ages 14-35 make up more than 50% of the continent’s population. By 2030, they will represent 41% of the world’s youth. This is Africa’s greatest challenge in the coming decade.  AAI aims to solve this challenge by unleashing African youth’s tremendous potential to develop their skills and talents as well as earn a living wage through education and skills building.