Sophia Abdi Noor

Sophia Abdi Noor
Founding Member of Womankind Kenya

Sophia Abdi NoorThe Honorable Sophia Abdi Noor is a member of the Kenyan Parliament and a founding member of Womankind Kenya, a civic education and governance initiative. Through her work, Ms. Noor has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of women in the northern region of Kenya.

Ms. Noor pursued her master’s degree in Executive Management and Organizational Development from AAI’s Tranformational Leadership Program (TLP) at the United States International University in Kenya. She credits this program for instilling in her the confidence and experience to pursue a political path to improve Kenya’s underserved communities.

“I have impacted every Kenyan because of my role in the constitutional review process, which has totally changed our system,” said Noor.


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