Massaer Cisse

Senior Manager, Deloitte Senegal

Pap HeadshotMassaer is a Senior Manager with Deloitte with over 10 years of experience serving large multinational companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, financial services, oil and gas, mining, telecom, and agro-business, among others.

His current role includes advising multinational companies by rendering recommendations on fiscal and financial implications of their international operations and investments.

Cisse is experienced in analyzing and planning cross-border investment transactions to maximize financial performance of global operations with a focus on strategy formulation, risk management, regulatory compliance, financial control, and profitability improvement.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business from The State University of New York at Albany.


Amini Kajunju, President & CEO, The Africa-America Institute


  • Ayodele Spencer, Technology Infrastructure Services Manager, Credit Suisse
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