Oluchi Enuha

VP of Monetization, Iroko Partners

Oluchi Enuha joined Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst in 2008 after graduating from Harvard College with a joint degree in English and Economics. After two years in the New York offices of both Merrill Lynch and its subsequent Merger entity, Bank of America Merrill, he decided to return home to Nigeria to work at a mobile money startup called Pagatech.

Operating as a business development analyst and financial consultant, Oluchi constructed the company’s financial model and successfully competed for a Gates Foundation grant to introduce mobile money banking to Nigeria’s rural areas. He remained in the job for a year and a half before accepting an opportunity to work for Iroko Partners.

Iroko Partners is one of Africa’s biggest internet companies boasting the largest online collection of African movies in the world. Oluchi is currently VP of Monetization, primarily managing the subscription business which operates in over 178 countries globally and hosts over 25 thousand African and Diaspora subscribers.



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