US primary ‘surrogates’ share Africa policy visions

April 22, 2016
PUBLISHED IN   /   BY Michael Igoe
Presidential Panel

Carol Pineau, award-winning journalist and journalist with panelists of representatives of the five remaining U.S. presidential candidates. featured an article on the spirited panel “Beyond the Obama Administration: What Can We Expect for Africa?” with surrogates of the five remaining U.S. presidential candidates.




When it comes to Africa, what would Donald Trump do?


The five remaining candidates for the Democratic and Republican presidential tickets haven’t said much about U.S.-Africa relations — hardly a hot-button issue in American politics at the moment. Since we probably can’t expect questions about Feed the Future, or the African Growth and Opportunity Act, or sanctions against Zimbabwe to surface in the primary debates — where job growth and national security reign supreme — the Africa-America Institute brought together some of the candidates’ advisors to speculate on what sort of “Africa legacy” each of them might try to build as president of the United States.


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