Face2Face: Encouraging Africans To Do Internships in Africa

April 9, 2014
PUBLISHED IN Face2Face Africa   /   BY Amini Kajunju
amini internship

Amini Kajunju in Kenya in 1995.


AAI President Amini Kajunju blogs at Face2Face Africa about the need for Africans to do more internships on the continent and recounts her internship in Kenya.





Several months ago, the Africa-America Institute (AAI) launched an internship program. Starting AAI’s internship rekindled memories of my own enriching experience with internships over the years. The mission of the internship is to provide professional work experience to undergraduate and graduate students interested in African affairs. My love affair with unpaid work began right after high school with my first two internships at the American Institute of Architects and the Belle Bonfils Blood Center in Denver, Colorado.


Even as a high school graduate, I developed a sense that work experience matters, but there is always a catch-22: No one is going to give you a meaningful job without work experience. But how can you acquire work experience if you are never given the chance to work?

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