HuffPost: Closing Africa’s Skills Gap and Fostering Innovation Through Technology

September 25, 2015   /  FILED UNDER
PUBLISHED IN Huffington Post   /   BY AAI's Amini Kajunju and IBM's Jennifer Crozier
IBM Tech team

IBM Corporate Service Corps team members help to train Kenyan students code for the cloud.

Amini Kajunju, President & CEO of The Africa-America Institute, and Jennifer Crozier, IBM’s Vice President of Global Citizenship Initiatives, write about how technology fueling innovation and growth in Africa in the Huffington Post.

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Indeed, technology is fueling innovation and growth helping to bolster the global market competitiveness, create jobs and increase productivity in African nations.

Yet, beneath the optimism and hope for the future, a time bomb is slowing ticking in Africa. Africa’s working age population of 15-64 years is growing at a quickening pace. By 2040, the continent will host the world’s largest labor force with an estimated working age population of an astounding 1 billion.



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