Kenya’s Daily Nation: Africa takes centre as US campaigns hot up

April 25, 2016
PUBLISHED IN The Sunday Nation (Kenya)   /   BY Kevin K. Kelley
Walakewon (Wala) Onyinyechukwu Blegay, African advocate, Co-counsel for the World Conference of Mayors and founder of Alliance of Liberians in America for the Senator Bernie Sanders campaign and Jeffrey “J.D.” Gordon, foreign policy and national security expert for the Donald Trump campaign

Walakewon (Wala) Onyinyechukwu Blegay with the Senator Bernie Sanders campaign and Jeffrey “J.D.” Gordon with the Donald Trump campaign outline their candidates’ position.



Kenya’s Daily Nation featured an article on AAI’s “Conversations on Africa” session with representatives of the Democratic and Republican candidates for president of the United States, where they debated terrorism, trade and investment and the impact of US sanctions.


A history of bipartisan consensus in Washington on Africa issues formed the backdrop of the discussion about a continent that has received virtually no attention during the campaign for the White House.

The event, sponsored by the non-governmental Africa-America Institute, featured broad agreement on some points.

But differences also emerged among the surrogates for Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and for Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.


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