KSL.com: Plenty of good about Africa despite Ebola, BYU grad says

October 23, 2014
PUBLISHED IN KSL.com   /   BY Dave McCann

KSL-UtahIn the interview with KSL.com in Salt Lake City, Utah, AAI President & CEO Amini Kajunju speaks about changing perceptions about Africa when the ebola virus is the top news story of the day. Kajunju was in Utah to accept the Distinguished Service Award from Brigham Young University in mid-October.

The potentially deadly virus dominates world headlines and poses a major public relations nightmare, especially for BYU graduate and CEO of the Africa America Institute, Amini Kajunju. Her organization promotes the good things in Africa, which right now is a very tough sell.

A self-described news junkie, Kajunju said it has been hard for her to watch the U.S. coverage of the Ebola epidemic.

“To be honest with you, sometimes I avoid U.S. coverage on Africa because I do feel like it sometimes focuses on the wrong things, and it is very sensational,” she said.

Kajunju thinks the coverage needs to focus more on how to avoid the next epidemic.

“What we are concerned about at AAI is how are we going to improve the capacity of the nurses and administrators and the doctors, so that when the next epidemic comes about, we know how to handle it,” she said.

To see the video segment, please click here.

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