VOA: Presidential Campaign Advisers Discuss US-Africa Policy

April 25, 2016
PUBLISHED IN Voice of America   /   BY Katherine Gypson

voa_revisedVOA featured an article on the spirited panel “Beyond the Obama Administration: What Can We Expect for Africa?” with U.S. presidential candidate representatives at AAI’s “Conversations on Africa”, moderated by Carol Pineau, award-winning producer, writer, director and journalist.


Foreign policy almost always takes a back seat to domestic concerns during the U.S. presidential campaign season.


Candidates rarely win over any voters in diners in New Hampshire or town hall events in Iowa touting their plans for economic investment and security frameworks in Africa.


In 1999, then-candidate George W. Bush went so far as to declare Africa “irrelevant” to U.S. foreign policy during his first presidential run.


But even if a voter never changed a ballot based on U.S. policy in Africa, surrogates from all five presidential campaigns gathered Thursday to discuss those issues on Capitol Hill, providing an unusual glimpse into the thinking behind the future leader of the United States.


The gathering organized by the Africa-America Institute also brought together former assistant secretaries of state for African affairs with other speakers who had varied credentials qualifying them to speak about the continent.


To read the article, click here.

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