AAI President Delivers Keynote Address at Applause Africa’s African Diaspora Awards

January 29, 2013

Amini Kajunju, President and CEO of The Africa-America Institute, delivered a keynote address on “The Imperative Role Young Diasporians Play in the Advancement of Africa” at Applause Africa’s Second Annual African Diaspora Awards on December 8, in New York City.

The African Diaspora Awards, a special initiative of Applause Africa, celebrated exemplary Africans who have excelled in various spheres of life, as well as individuals in society who have contributed to the advancement of Africans in the Diaspora and Africa as a whole.

Honorees included legendary singer and activist Angélique Kidjo, musical group Les Nubians, creative artist Tony Okungbowa, and the Whitaker Group, among others.

In the address, Kajunju challenged Diasporians to serve as a bridge in fostering greater understanding between the continent and the Western world.

“Young Diasporians can help dispel myths and stereotypes about Africa to change the storyline about the continent,” said Kajunju. “All Diasporians can serve as ‘brand ambassadors’ to bring a new vision and inspiring ideas for Africa….You can become the face of a new Africa – young, educated, optimistic, and actively working to transform and shape Africa’s future.”

To read the entire speech, please click here.

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