Africa Report Archive

May-June 1995

Resolving Conflict: Can Africa Play Peacemaker?

Mar-Apr 1995

The 104th Congress: Should Africa Worry?

Jan-Feb 1995

Mozambique: A Better Future

May-June 1994

The Tragedy of Rwanda

Mar-Apr 1994

France and Africa: End of an Era

Jan-Feb 1994

Angola: Spoils of War

Jul-Aug 1993

Eritrea: Opting for Independence

May-Jun 1993

Southern Africa: Troubled Transitions

Mar-Apr 1993

Do Elections Equal Democracy?

Jan-Feb 1993

The U.S. in Somalia: Setting a New Policy Agenda for Africa?

Jul-Aug 1992

Mugabe’s Trial’s: Leadership in the Era of Political Change

May-Jun 1992

Drought: Destroying the Seeds of Democracy

Mar-Apr 1992

Algeria: The Fundamentalist Challenge

Jan-Feb 1992

Zambia: The Hour Has Come

Jul-Aug 1991

The Decline of the Dictator

May-Jun 1991

South Africa: Ending Apartheid Education

Jan-Feb 1991

France and Africa: The End of an Era?

Jul-Aug 1990

The Demand for Democracy: Can Nigeria Meet the Challenge?

May-Jun 1990

Namibia: Africa’s Newest Nation

Mar-Apr 1990

Nelson Mandela: Free At Last!

Jul-Aug 1989

Sudan: The Military Coup Operation Lifeline Interview with John Garang

May-Jun 1989

Namibia: Peace on Whose Terms?

Mar-Apr 1989

South Africa: An End to War?

Jan-Feb 1989

Africa in 1989: New Policies, New Prospects?

Nov-Dec 1988

AIDS and Africa: Facing the Facts

Jul-Aug 1988

Ethiopia’s War: Holding the Hungry Hostage

Jul-Aug 1988

The Commonwealth and South Africa: Thatcher’s Gamble

May-June 1988

Mozambique: The Toll of War

Mar-Apr 1988

South Africa: The Road Ahead

Jan-Feb 1988

Focus on East Africa: In Museveni’s Uganda

Nov-Dec 1987

Africa’s Economies, Debt, Exports and Development

Jul-Aug 1987

Culture and Politics

May-June 1987

Putting Pressure on Pretoria: From Corporate Boardroom to Capitol Hill

Mar-Apr 1987

The Press and Africa

Jan-Feb 1987

Southern Africa: On the Frontline

Nov-Dec 1986

West Africa: Friends and Enemies

Sep - Oct 1986

Namibia: SWAPO’s 20 Years of Struggle

May-Jun 1986

Africa: The Road to Economic Recovery

Mar-Apr 1986

South Africa: The Year of the Amabuthu

Nov-Dec 1985

Interview with Julius Nyerere

Sep-Oct 1985

African Independence

Jul-Aug 1985

West Africa After the Expulsion: What Future for ECOWAS?

May-Jun 1985

Africa in the United States

Mar-April 1985

The End of the Un-Decade: What Advances for African Women?

Jan-Feb 1985

Focus on South Africa

Nov-Dec 1984

Shifting Alliances in the Maghreb

Jul-Aug 1984

Africa’s Future: Hostage in the Drought

May-Jun 1984

Black America and U.S. Policy

Mar-Apr 1984

Exclusive Interview with Jerry Rawlings

Jan-Feb 1984

African Refugees: The Burden of Exile

Nov-Dec 1981

What Shall We Do About Angola?

Jul-Aug 1981

Why Can’t Africa Feed Itself

May-Jun 1981

What Policy in the Horn?

Mar-Apr 1981

Women: Equal Partners in Africa’s Development?

Jan-Feb 1981

Refugees: Africa’s Shameful Record

Jan-Feb 1974

Will African Art Ever Go Home?

Jan-Feb 1973

Black Music: Six Voices

Jan 1970

The Nigerian Civil War