Canon Collins Draws Attention to AAI’s Leadership Development Workshop

Cannon Collins workshop1

Students participate in a leadership training led by Melissa Howell, AAI’s Program Manager at Canon Collins Scholars’ Conference in Cape Town. Photo Credit: Clare Louise Thomas.

Canon Collins Trust highlighted an engaging leadership development training led by AAI Program Manager Melissa Howell, ‘Leading for Change and Impact workshop’ at their recent Scholars’ Conference in late-May in South Africa.

The workshop examined the propensity for change for future African leaders. In the training workshop, Howell drew attention to a useful framework for community change and explored how to address barriers to change.

The two-day conference, held on May 27-29, brought together scholars and civil society partners for a conference on academic activism. Under the theme “2016: A time for Academic Activism”, the conference explored how student movements are bringing about change across the higher education landscape in southern Africa.


One scholar said: “I’ve done many different leadership seminars but I found its take unique, refreshing and current to the times.”


Canon Collins Trust is a UK-based organization that provides scholars from Southern Africa the skills and education that had been denied to them by apartheid and other injustices.

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