Pan-African Visions: AAI Injects Africa Into U.S Presidential Race

COA panel2

Representing the candidates were Wala Blegay for Bernie Sanders, Herman Cohen for John Kasich, Michelle Gavin for Hillary Clinton, J.D,Gordon for Donald Trump and Michael Ledeen for the Ted Cruz Campaign.



Pan-African Visions featured highlights from the session with the five major U.S. presidential candidates. Listen to audio from the the full panel discussion, “Beyond the Obama Administration: What Can We Expect for Africa?” with U.S. presidential candidate representatives.



From security challenges , to aid, immigration, trade and investment, lifting sanctions on Zimbabwe, human rights and democracy, the representatives all held views that were similar.


When moderator Carol Pineau asked if the presentations from the representatives had swayed anyone in the huge audience at the Rayburn House, the answer was an emphatic no. When the representatives were asked if their candidates will visit Africa on their first term if elected as next President, they all answered yes. Asked on prospects of continuing with the USA-Africa Leaders Summit initiated by President Obama, all the representatives of the candidates were for a continuation.


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