State of Education in Africa


The 2017 State of Education in Africa (SOE) marks the 3rd conference of its kind hosted by the Africa-America Institute. Held over two days in Nairobi, Kenya, the SOE brought together practitioners and stakeholders from across the globe to examine local, regional and Continental approaches for strengthening Higher Education in Africa. Building on its rich history of capacity-building in African education, AAI built this platform to showcase dynamic thought-leaders, innovative research and programmatic interventions to advance solutions driven conversations and partnerships in the field.

The SOE Outcomes Report documents those discussions and highlights critical thinking and recommendations to share the knowledge captured at the conference with a broader audience. You can join us in continuing the conversation on social media using hashtag #soe2017 where you can find us as @aaiafrica on all platforms. And, we look forward to welcoming you to the State of Education in Africa conference in 2018.

AAI’s mission over the last 64 years has been to actively promote enlightened engagement between Africa and America through education, training and dialogue. AAI is proud that the SOE conference platform continues to advance this objective.



The 2017 Outcomes Report can be viewed here and more information about the conference can be found at 



The 2015 Outcomes Report can also be viewed here